Amanda Gallant


I became a photographer because it is the truest way to express my connection with the world around me .  I am deeply fulfilled by the act of capturing a moment in time. I believe that I have an innate ability to see beauty and truth all around me and I feel strongly that I am here do something extraordinary with my gifts and talents.  I believe in this simple truth; a photographer is a trusted friend, a narrator and an artist. When I photograph someone, I hope that the experience of being in front of my lens and connected with me, even if just for a moment, gives them a deeper access to their own souls; a new glimpse of their own beauty; an excitement to see their world anew.

I feel so lucky to travel the world and photograph what inspires me.  I find beauty in the hidden, intimate moments as well as the jovial occasions that bring people together.  I believe that a photograph comes to life through intention, connection and relationship. Being a part of your moment, whether big or small and having a chance to tell your story is an honor and a privilege. I can’t wait to meet you!


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